I met up with Laura Williams, an Employment Consultant at Goodwill Career Centre located at 300 Lacroix Street in Chatham to ask her about what programs Goodwill has to offer as well as what she finds rewarding and challenging within her line of work.
Goodwill Career Centre facilitates all Employment Ontario programs and is funded by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.
“We are bringing valuable programs to our clients like Second Careers.” Laura explains.
Second Careers is a program designed to help those who have been laid offf and lack the skills to find work, return to school on a grant. Goodwill also offers job assistance and job placement to get people ready for work. If a client lacks the skills necessary to complete the the job duties required of them, Goodwill can offer dollar incentives to the employer to offset their training time and cost, allowing people the option to train on the job instead of returning to school.
Laura’s favourite part of her work is the ability to give people options; the possibility to create hope again. Most clients who come through Goodwill’s doors have lost their jobs and with that, their hope.
“If we can have them leave our office with a smile; that there are possibilities for a different future… then that’s the greatest reward of all.” Laura genuinely remarked.
She feels fulfilled when clients can say, “I have hope again.” after visiting Goodwill Career Centre.
The most challenging aspect to her line of work is seeing the devastation and the grief that job loss can create in a person’s life. Although, it is difficult to see people facing barriers and limitations, it motivates Laura to want to do the very best job she can do for them.
We asked Laura, “If there is one piece of advice to offer a client, what would it be?”
She stated, “Find a mentor or an employment consultant. Make a plan. Work hard, know your options and get ready for great things to happen. She also added that job seekers should not keep their job search a secret. The more people they tell, the more chances for networking and uncovering the hidden job market.
Thank you Laura from Goodwill for this enlightening and genuine look into Goodwill Career Centre’s programming as well as Laura’s personal insider perspective as a caring and community-focused Employment Consultant.

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