Effective Hiring for Smaller Businesses

Importance of Effective Recruitment & Selection
Employing the right person for your small business might be the most important part of your venture. An effective recruitment and selection process reduces turnover. These processes match up the right person with the right job skills. Interviews and background checks ensure that you employ a candidate who is reliable and carries out the objectives you planned for providing quality services and goods to your customers.

Canada One Hiring Your First Employee
Expanding your business to include outside employees can be a daunting task for business owners. When you hire someone you take on added responsibility. Yet you are also taking an important step in moving beyond being self-employed.

Ontario Small Business Grants for Hiring
Ontario has established itself as one of Canada’s most attractive regions to invest or start a new business. The area’s access to skilled talent and the availability to receive financial support through Ontario Government Grants for Small Business are some of the province’s most attractive attributes. These features are intended to attract and support the growth small businesses while increasing job creation and prosperity within the province.

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