Employees Handbook
The Human Resource Council has created an employee handbook with a summary of policies, procedures and practices minimally prescribed by the Employment Standards Act of Ontario (“ESA”).

Employee Satisfaction
Good managers know that happy employees are loyal, productive employees. The link above provides seven areas to improve employee satisfaction.

Engagement Ideas
As important as it is to work towards improving your organization’s levels of employee engagement, there’s no getting around the fact that it can be rather difficult.

Every once in a while, it helps to have a cheat sheet on your side that can help you to steer your team in the right direction. There’s no harm in referring to the following employee engagement ideas from time to time, as they can help to bring your team together and encourage empowerment, engagement and improved performance.

How to Motivate Your Employees
Motivating your employees doesn’t have to be a challenge anymore. It’s simple. If you want to motivate your employees, you have to make them feel excited to come to work every day, and to spend time with you and each other.


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