Labour Relations

Canada Labour Code

The Canada Labour Code is an Act of Parliament of the Canadian government to consolidate certain statutes respecting labour. The objective of the code is to facilitate production by controlling strikes & lockouts, occupational safety and health, and some employment standards.

The Hours of Work and Overtime describes what limits are to the number of hours an employee can be required or allowed to work per day or week.

Types of Leave

Public Holidays
Every employee is entitled to public holiday pay from full-time, part-time, casual and temporary.

Vacation and other Types of Personal Leave 
As an employer, you have to follow the Ontario labour standards relating to personal leave . These types of time off benefits can be a very valuable part of your employee benefit package. The types of leave and exact terms used to describe them vary across the country, but generally include: vacation leave, sick leave, bereavement leave and leave to take care of sick family members.

Maternity and Parental Leave
All provinces and territories in Canada give parents the right to take leave from work when they become parents.


Employers’ Toolkit
Making Ontario Workplaces Accessible to People With Disabilities.

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