Strategy #1:  Entrepreneurship

“Support the development of an entrepreneurial mindset in Chatham-Kent’s companies and workers”

  • Being an Entrepreneur in CK”

Strategy #2:  Workforce Challenges

“Organize targeted industries to identify and address workforce challenges”

Strategy#3:  Career Awareness

“Increase Career Awareness among students and workers”

Strategy #4:  Labour Market Information

“Increase Chatham-Kent’s ability to develop and share Labour Market Information”

Strategy #5: Education and Life-Long Learning

“Promote greater participation in post-secondary education and life-long learning”

  • “I love my job” Campaign

Strategy #6: Youth Attraction and Retention

“Develop a proactive recruitment and retention effort to retain skilled professionals”

  • Online HR Toolkit

The toolkit was designed for small business owners in Chatham-Kent to help support them with their (HR) human resource needs. The kit contains guides, templates, tools, links and tips for developing internal policies, and recruitment plans. It comes with customizable templates including interview checklists and other HR forms that help with managing people. The Toolkit was intended to save business owners hours of research and provide a comprehensive set of HR tools.



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