The CK Workforce Planning Board has been busy working on implementing their strategy Workforce 2020: Cultivating Tomorrow’s Workforce Today.

Strategy 1: Entrepreneurship

Support the development of an entrepreneurial mindset in Chatham-Kent’s companies and workers.

Some of the things we have planned include:

  • Micro lending: CK Micro lending program launched in the community in the fall of 2015. This initiative will focus on offering microloans to start or enhance a business to individuals who may not qualify for traditional lending routes. Contact CKWPB for more information and to apply.
  • Feature Entrepreneur: in partnership with the Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce, this program recognizes individuals who possess vision and innovation while emodying an entrepreneurial mindset and making valuable, foward-thinking contributions to Chatham-Kent's workforce

Strategy 2: Workforce Challenges

Organize targeted industries to identify and address workforce challenges.

Some of the things we have planned include:

  • EmployerOne Survey: The EmployerOne Survey is a survey that is conducted in the month of January. It is designed to capture local labour market demand side data. For more information please contact CKWPB at or 519.352.7540 x 43
  • Local Labour Market Planning Report: this annual research report provides an update on the trends and issues related to employment and workforce development that have been identified by stakeholders. In addition, this report updates our three-year strategic plan with accomplishments and next steps designed to meet the community's goals.

Strategy 3: Education

Promote greater participation in post secondary education and life long learning.

Some of the things we have planned include:

  • Apprenticeship Navigation Support: this project will identify and review successful apprenticeship support programs in Ontario, Canada, and abroad; complete consultations with local employers, apprentices, and service providers; and identify ways to integrate them into a Chatham-Kent solution.
  • Experiential Learning Database: This project, together with over 500 participating employers, will provide an accessible, searchable database of employer contacts who currently or are open to participating in experiential learning opportunities such as (but not limited to): career chats; hosting paid/unpaid co-ops; offering internships; participating in employer panels; participating in location tours; being a part of a video of site; job shadowing; informational interviewing, etc.
  • Soft Skills Programming: CKWPB has partnered with local school boards to augment their soft skills curriculums, including the Lambton-Kent District School Board's High-Skills Majors programs

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