• January 4, 2016 - New and Improved 2016 EmployerOne Survey

    The second annual EmployerOne survey is NOW available to all employers. The survey is open from January 04 to January 31, 2016. It is important for businesses to have access to a strong labour market in order to grow. The EmployerOne survey allows employers to have a…

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  • December 18, 2015 - 2016 EmployerOne Survey

    It’s that busy time of year where everyone is hustling around to get those last minute things done before Christmas. Although you are very busy we hope that you can take a few short minutes to read our blog on the EmployerOne Survey. We at the Chatham-Kent…

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  • February 20, 2015 - Chatham-Kent Workforce Planning Board Thanks You For Your Support

    The Chatham-Kent Workforce Planning Board would like to offer thanks to our community partners as well as the businesses and organizations that participated in the EmployerOne Survey this past January. The survey, which was held for the first time in 2014, gives local employers, once a year,…

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  • January 5, 2015 - Ready, Set, Go!

    The EmployerOne survey made its official launch on January 1st 2015. The local survey will remain open until January 31st 2015 at 11:59pm. If you are an employer in Chatham-Kent, we want to hear from you! Share your workforce challenges, needs and requirements! Results are going to…

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  • November 3, 2014 - EmployerOne Survey: November Blog

    For those of you who forgot, Daylight Savings Time ended this weekend and we gained an extra hour of sleep! With that being said, we at the Chatham-Kent Workforce Planning Board are hoping you’ll use some of that extra time to read this month’s blog on the…

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  • EmployerOne Survey: What You Need to Know

    October 6, 2014 - EmployerOne Survey: What You Need to Know

    The EmployerOne Survey is making its debut in Chatham-Kent this coming New Year. To prepare, the Chatham-Kent Workforce Planning Board is producing a monthly blog that will ensure employers, community partners and members are well informed before its arrival on January 1st. Octobers’ blog is going to…

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  • March 5, 2013 - One Hundred Alternative Jobs

    On January 16, 2013, 150 members of the Chatham Kent community joined author and speaker Catherine Chambers at the John D. Bradley Convention Centre to learn more about her work-around to employment. Her theory is simple:  Find something you love to do; Figure out how it will…

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  • October 10, 2012 - Move to Chatham?

    A few months ago, I was faced with the dilemma that many other young people face: finding a J-O-B. I was about to graduate with a degree which seemed like a great idea …six years ago, but which in present day didn’t seem to be sufficient for…

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  • September 27, 2012 - New Blog Area Launched

    If you’re a regular visitor to the CK Workforce Development website you’ve probably noticed a few changes. We’ve added a “Blog” to the website for general discussion about topics affecting the Chatham-Kent labour market. We’ve also added a “What’s Up” area which will keep our visitors informed…

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